John candy

When you ask someone what’s their favourite John Candy film they mostly say out of 3 films. ‘Cool runnings’, Trains, planes and automobiles’ and ‘Uncle Buck’.

He has a legacy of films that brings joy and laughter to millions of people to even this day. It’s been almost 19 years since his tragic death and he still lives in our hearts. At least once or twice a year I go through a phase in which I need to watch a few of his films to escape from the real world.

The most recent one I watched was Cool Runnings. Even though Doug E Doug and Leon has the most catch phrases, John gave a perfect performance playing coach taking Jamacia to their 1st winter olympics.

My favourite film got to be Uncle Buck. Playing the addicted gambling, bowling playing uncle. He’s the last person you want to babysit your kids in a last minute decision. Even though he can’t take responcibiltiy for him self he’s got some how take responcicbilty for the kids. With his weird way of house work. From his drying the clothes in the microwave and letting the dog drink out the toilet he gives one of the most memorable performances of the 1980’s.

He also had great freindships with Dan Akroyd and Steve Martin. Giving 2 classics ‘The Great Outdoors’ and ‘Trains,planes and automobiles’. Other film JFK showed he could do series roles as well as comedy roles. Also gave memorable performances in ‘Spaceballs’ , ‘Only the lonely’ and ‘Who’s Harry Crumb’.

He gave us tears of laughter in his performances which he enjoyed doing. He had a heart of gold. He never forgot his Canadian back ground and his legacy will live on for more years to come. So that is why I say John Candy is the ‘Laughing King of Canada’.