Jack Nicholson

When I think of a great Jack Nicholson film I think of the shining. But when I think of his best performance as a actor I would have to say one flew over the coo coos nest. Absolute classic.

Other classics got to be films such as the joker in Tim burtons batman and the departed. Very iconic actor.

Probably one of the most memorable lines is ‘you can’t handle the truth’ in a few good men opposite Tom Cruise.

One of the best comedy has to be anger management along side Adam Sandler. Best scene was them singing in the car along to ‘i feel pretty’.

He also has a very distinct recognised voice. One of the best lines has to best lines has got to be “Here’s Johnny” from the shining.

I would have to say he is a very diverse actor which would have to make him one of the all time greats.

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