Nightfall: Say a prayer

I was running for my life and my chest was getting tighter and my breathing heavier. You know that tingle feeling at the back of your neck. Well I knew someone or something was chasing me and I couldn’t stop.

                I know going into the woods wasn’t the best idea in the world, but I had to find somewhere to hide. I swung my arms fighting of the branches as they smashed into my face leaving cuts and bruises. The only light I had was the whiteness of the moon. Even the moon was fighting though the roof of the woods.

                I noticed the ground was finishing into to a black abyss below. I had to break my feet and catch my balance. I started to catch my breath and I gazed down the cliff, realising that was a close one.

                The tingle at the back of my neck seemed to be getting worse as a cold shiver ran down my back. I starred at the moon though a gap of the roof of the trees and closed my eyes. I heard the rustling of leaves coming from behind me edging its way closer. Then the rustling stopped.             

                I knew the person or something was behind me. But I couldn’t run or hide. Its cold breath blew on the spine of my neck. It whispered in my ear ‘Say a prayer’.

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