Hugh Jackman


If you ask me what Hugh Jackman is best known for, well I think everyone knows the answer to that. By playing Wolverine in the X-Men films.

Even though he is musically trained in the theatre arts breaking into the scene in 1998 in London’s west end ‘Oklahoma’, he has done many blockbusters. The most memorable top 3 I can remember is ‘Swordfish’, ‘Van Helsing’ and ‘Australia’. But if I had to add 4thI would have to say the upcoming ‘Les Miserable’.

But I still have to say my favourite film of him has to be the first X-Men film. At the time the first film came out I couldn’t picture any actor playing the character. I could always picture Jack Nicholson voice but I knew he was too old to play the character. But as I sat in the Odeon cinema in Glasgow I couldn’t believe how much this guy looked and sounded like wolverine. He was born to play this part.

Am looking forward later this year to the upcoming ‘The wolverine’. It should be fantastic as it continues his origin story to Japan to train with a Samurai warrior. Would love to go into detail but would spoil the story depending they stick to the graphic novel storyline. Let’s hope they do so.

Finishing off Hugh Jackman I would have to say he is a committed. He also known for his charity work which to me tells me he looks out for more than just himself. He has appeared in 5 X-Men movies already and another 2 to come. The Wolverine (2013) and X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) which hands down will be highly successful.

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