If you ask me what Bruce Willis is well known for, it’s got to be playing John Mclean in the’ Die Hard’ movies.

                But my favourite film with him got to be ‘The Sixth Sense’. He brings out more of his acting qualities as he is better known for playing a wisecracking action hero. I still say to this day he at least deserved a nomination at the Oscars for this performance. With a great story from a shocking beginning to a great twist at the end, he gave a performance that you would never know what was going to happen at the end.

                Other than ‘The Sixth Sense’ and ‘Die Hard’ movies what would I say his top 3 films are?

                The 1st I’ve got to say is playing another action hero in the sci-fi flick the ‘Fifth Element’. Next I’ve got to say ‘The Whole Nine Yards’. He shows his funny side along with co-star Mathew Perry. The last one I’ve got to say ‘Hudson Hawk’. Although he shows of his comedy side, he shows of a hidden musical talent.

                With a huge fan base worldwide from doing action to comedy I would say he is a well loved actor

3 responses to “BRUCE WILLIS

  1. I know its not a film but I thought he was funny in Friends! It was great to see him in a comedy role rather than serious roles. Sixth Sense was amazing!! I also thought Armageddon was one of his best.
    His worst being honest was twelve monkeys!

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