When you think of the most popular Arnold Scwarzenegger film it’s probably got to be ‘Terminator 2’. It’s probably the best sequel of all time.

But if you ask me what my favourite film of his it’s got to be ‘Commando’. This film proves how much of an action hero he is playing the retired commando going to war against the South American criminals for kidnapping his daughter and black mailing him.

But the problem with him he has done too many classics. So if I had to pick a top 3 well the 1st is the movie that kicked off his career ‘Conan the Barbarian’. The 2nd got to be ‘Twins’ proving he could do comedy rolls just as good as his action rolls. Then the 3rd got to be ‘Kindergarten Cop’ combining his action and comedy rolls.

I don’t think any actors could replace him especially doing a come back to the silver screen. So that’s why I say he will always be the ‘Ultimate Action Hero’.

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