Simon Pegg is probably best known for doing ‘Shaun of the Dead’ for starring and co-writing with Edgar Wright. The film led him to instant stardom and by his love of zombie film genre put him in cameos in George A Romero ‘Land of the Dead’ and ‘Diary of the Dead’.

But my favourite Simon Pegg work is not a film but of his cult TV series ‘Spaced’. He starred alongside Jessica Hynes (Burk and Hare) and directed by his best pal Edgar Wright. He portrayed Tim a comic book artist which accidently meets Daisy who pretends to be a couple to rent a flat in North London. Along the way he is joined by his partner in crime actor buddy Nick Frost. He is also joined by Katy Carmichael and Mark Heap with his series of hilarious events.

Other than the projects I’ve mentioned I would say he is best known for Hot Fuzz, Paul and Star Trek (Playing Scotty. Well done for putting on a Scottish ascent).

I’ve got to admit I only started noticing him since ‘Shaun of the Dead’ when me and fiancé on our first date in 2004. Ever since then we’ve followed him through the years becoming the iconic actor of this era. We’re also looking forward to the upcoming ‘Star Trek into Darkness’ and ‘The Worlds End’.

Simon Pegg has never hidden his geek side which makes him the coolest geek we all love.


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