My soul was lost to me a long time ago. Like a wasteland planet with no water the loneliness of known I pushed my friends and family away I had no one to turn too. I so wanted to spill my problems onto some new friend but I’d just push them away too.
Every Friday I would go to a nightclub so I wouldn’t feel completely alone. I’d order a nice cold pint of lager and stand in the shadows. Watching people kissing, dancing and gossiping would make me feel a sense of theirs still life out there.
When I looked out into the dance floor I was stuck in a trance. A dark haired beauty with skin as white as snow flowed with the music. Her dark eyes gripped onto me not letting me go. I found myself moving towards her with no control of my body. As I got up next to her she hooked her arms round me and whispered in a Russian accent, ‘am going to save your life Jack’.

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