My soul was lost to me a long time ago. Like a wasteland planet with no water the loneliness of known I pushed my friends and family away I had no one to turn too. I so wanted to spill my problems onto some new friend but I’d just push them away too.
Every Friday I would go to a nightclub so I wouldn’t feel completely alone. I’d order a nice cold pint of lager and stand in the shadows. Watching people kissing, dancing and gossiping would make me feel a sense of theirs still life out there.
When I looked out into the dance floor I was stuck in a trance. A dark haired beauty with skin as white as snow flowed with the music. Her dark eyes gripped onto me not letting me go. I found myself moving towards her with no control of my body. As I got up next to her she hooked her arms round me and whispered in a Russian accent, ‘am going to save your life Jack’.


Nightfall: Say a prayer

I was running for my life and my chest was getting tighter and my breathing heavier. You know that tingle feeling at the back of your neck. Well I knew someone or something was chasing me and I couldn’t stop.

                I know going into the woods wasn’t the best idea in the world, but I had to find somewhere to hide. I swung my arms fighting of the branches as they smashed into my face leaving cuts and bruises. The only light I had was the whiteness of the moon. Even the moon was fighting though the roof of the woods.

                I noticed the ground was finishing into to a black abyss below. I had to break my feet and catch my balance. I started to catch my breath and I gazed down the cliff, realising that was a close one.

                The tingle at the back of my neck seemed to be getting worse as a cold shiver ran down my back. I starred at the moon though a gap of the roof of the trees and closed my eyes. I heard the rustling of leaves coming from behind me edging its way closer. Then the rustling stopped.             

                I knew the person or something was behind me. But I couldn’t run or hide. Its cold breath blew on the spine of my neck. It whispered in my ear ‘Say a prayer’.

The Last Elf


The night was the blackest of nights. The only light was the whiteness of the moon. It was a really quiet night, with stillness through the woods, only with a light breeze flowing by the green and yellow leaves. Even the wildlife was at rest.
Birds flocked their nests as trees shivered. Down in the dark green woods a woman was running. This was no ordinary woman. This was an elf.
She stopped to look behind her to make sure no one was following her. She was a very beautiful lady. She had soft looking skin, her hair was very gloating blonde and her eyes was as yellow as gold. She also wore white rags, especially to cover her hair so she wouldn’t give her scent away.
Her face grew in fear. What was she running from? She was clutching onto her baby boy. She starred at him worrying, she whispered to him, “Don’t worry Eldrin, and ill make sure no one finds you.” She then gave a large gasp.
A twig snapped. She looked up clutching onto Eldrin. She got a glimpse of shadows passing through the trees. She started running again. She was running really fast and swiftly through the forest, dodging every branch, logs and other obstacles in her way.
She stopped for two seconds to catch her breath. She lent on a tree, holding her head down. When she raised her head, she caught a glimpse of a light at the end of the woods. She realized it was a town she was heading for.
She broke her way from the woods. She ran across an empty field, but she started to slow down when she got into town. She didn’t want to give to much attention when she got in town. The streets were quiet with a couple of people strolling around. Most of the people in town were in their beds.
She walked up the side streets so she wouldn’t get noticed. Every time so got to the end of a side street, she peeked out to make sure no one was about, so she could advance to the next one. She creped out of a side street, once it was clear she dashed towards a church.
She got to the entrance a laid Eldrin on the stoned cold ground. She wrapped him up in a brown elfish blanket. He was in a deep sleep. She got a note from her clothes a laid it on his chest. She looked at Eldrin knowing this is the last time she’s going to see him. A glittering tear poured from the inside corner of her left eye, and dropped into the note. She stood and banged the doors of the church, then dashed towards a alleyway. She stood in the shadows waiting for a response from the door.
The door opened and a nun appeared. She starred about the streets thinking it was a prank. She then looked down and seen Eldrin rapped up. She knelt down to pick him up. She gave him a smile. She gave another look about to see who left him. She couldn’t see his mother hiding in the shadows. She then went inside closing the door behind her.
“Please forgive me Eldrin, but hopefully one day you’ll understand,” whispered his mother then disappeared into the shadows.

The nun strolled up the center walkway of the church. “Who would want to leave a beautiful baby as you on our door steps?” She said to herself. She sat down on the front seats. He was still resting his eyes. She pulled back the silky blanket from his head and noticed his pointy ears. Her face went chalk white; she then grabbed the note from his chest. She opened the note and couldn’t understand the language.
“What was all that banging about?” The priest asked walking up to them.
“Father Francis someone left this strangely, but beautiful baby at our doorstep.” The nun answered. She then asked, “Is he human?”
Father Francis looked at the baby in shock. He then answered, “No he’s an elf. I’ve been waiting for him.”
“What do you mean father? Is he a sign from god?” The nun asked.
“Am not sure if he’s a sign, but someone came to me and saying he will be coming.”
“He had this note on him, but i guess it’s in elfish. Can you read elfish Father Francis?”
Father Francis took the note. He didn’t really want to answer but he knew he could. Very few humans can read elfish. He started to read it;
Dear Francis,
You may not remember me, but my name is Amra. I came to you a few months ago, to ask a favor to watch over my son Eldrin. I chose you because I know you can read and understand my species. Very few humans can’t understand us and know of our existence. Just to let you know we age very slowly, so you’ll need to make sure theirs someone you can trust can take over from you one day. I know I ask a lot but he’s the last of our kind and theirs no one I can trust part you. No one can know of his existence. Inside this envelope is another addressed to him. Please keep it safe so he can get it when the time is right. I trust you’ll make the right decision.

Thank you very much,

Once the Father finished reading the letter he asked to hold Eldrin. The nun laid the baby on his arms. Eldrin woke up staring at him quietly looking calm and peaceful. He glanced a smile at him saying, “don’t worry now we’re going to take care of you now.”