Just like the original with the fast moving camera going through the woods so you can see through the demons eyes, this reboot does give some sort of trueness. Even with a slow start and no ‘Bruce Campbell’ it won’t let you down in blood and gore.

With the replacing title ‘Evil Dead’ the unknown director Fede Alvarez brings a terrifying gore fest to live up to the original. With Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell doing a successful student film in 1983 they were brought back to produce the film. One of their jobs was to pick a director. Just like Sam being unknown in 1983 they brought in the Uruguay director who only done a few films before this to bring freshness, modernisation took a lot of guts.

Again taking place in a cabin David (Shiloh Fernandez) brings his sister Mia (Jane Levy) to help her detox from her drug dependency, with the help of his girlfriend Natalie (Elizabeth Blackmore) and their friends Olivia (Jessica Lucas) and Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci). After Mia complaining about the smell their dog Granpa stumbles across the door to the cellar. David and Eric investigate the damp and dark cellar. When they get down there, they stumble across rotten animal corpses hanging from the ceiling and a book (the book of the dead) wrapped in wires and plastic. Later on Eric curiosity finds himself opening the book. Even though with warning signs he reads messages from the book and summons the demon. Slowly the demon possesses Mia and each character is killed off one by one in glorious death. By the end there is only one left standing. But for how long? 

When I was at a young age I remember watching the original and it was the first horror film I watched. I remember me and my friends hiding behind pillows and having nightmares.

To sum up this movie I say it was well done. Even though the fear factor wasn’t great, you won’t be disappointed in blood and gore. For hard core fans they’ll find themselves disappointed in not seeing Bruce Campbell. But remember this is a reboot. For people who haven’t seen the originals you will really enjoy and I would highly recommend on watching the originals. But for hardcore fans who haven’t seen it. Wait till the end of the credits.

My final rating 8/10.



What’s your favourite Spiderman?

What’s your favourite Spiderman movie or do you prefer the comics and cartoons.
Well for me I grew up watching the 90’s Spiderman cartoon and seeing him coming on to the big screen was a dream come true. All though I didn’t like what Sam Ramai did with the 3rd one I did enjoy the action and special effects of venom.
I would love them to get it right with the new one. I do like the concept of explaining what did actually happen with Peters parents cause they’ve never really been covered it before in the comics. Something different and they could bring in more marvel characters like luke cage and the black cat and much more.
If I were to decide what I prefered though I would have to say the comics as it shows such a bigger universe. Don’t get me wrong. I love the movies but I have to stick by my geek side. Love the comics more.

So you tell me what’s your favourite Spiderman?